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~Rules~ 2012 edition
tw: allison blue
mizzy2k wrote in leverageland
Here are the revised rules for leverageland. If you disagree with any of the rules changes, please feel free to opt-out of the community without any further repercussions.

[Click to open the rules]
1. No bashing other team members. No bashing the mods. No bashing the mastermind. Everyone's here to have fun and if you have any complaints just come to one of us (if you have a problem with one mastermind, please go to the other one) or your team mods. We reserve the right to remove members for bashing, and it will be at the mastermind's discretion to say whether you can re-apply for a later heist or not. Probably not, to be honest. Bashing is mean. Don't do it!
2. No bashing of actors, characters, ships, etc. See above.
3. You must participate in at least one challenge every week. Everyone's encouraged to participate as much as possible, even if you don't think you can win - participation points are key!
4. If you don't participate for two weeks, your mods will endeavour to send you a warning. Three weeks of non-participation and you will be cut from the comm, but feel free to re-apply.
5. Please remember to join both the main comm and your team comm. If you do not, you will not be able to participate!

and the biggest rule of all:

6. Have fun ♥ This is just a game!

1. If you want to leave the community, PM mizzy2k or leave a note here at the opt-out page.
2. If you want to change teams, PM mizzy2k and your team leader with your reasons. Or wait until the end of the heist poll, where you can switch teams easily.
3. You can change teams only once (unless for extenuating circumstances), so choose wisely.
4. Most of the challenges require participation from the members and not the team as a whole but there might be some which require exactly that, so be good to your team and they'll be good to you.
5. When you participate in a challenge, don't forget to add your team's name, so we could award you the points. Even if we know what team you're on, that doesn't mean we're going to give you the points because it wouldn't be fair to everyone else.
6. An icon or sig tag (300 pixels wide, 150 pixels high) with your team name clearly visible will suffice as your team name.

1. Every challenge/task gives certain amount of points for participation, which will most likely be a minimum of 10 points.
2. For the winners of voting challenges there are bonus points determined by the difficulty of the challenge.
3. Points are allocated after the challenge/task is over, so don't ask why the points of your team haven't changed if the challenge is still on.
4. All dispute-related decisions (i.e. ambiguous phrasing, allowances for non-English speakers etc.) are at mizzy2k's discretion, and are final.
5. All recruitment referrals will earn the referrer 10 points, which will be carried over to the next heist if it occurs during hiatus, unless the player leaves. If two people are listed as referrers by an applicant, points will be split equally. If more than two people are listed, only the first two listed will receive points.

This has always been an unspoken rule, but apparently it needs to be put in text.

If you are a person with a disability which you feel may impact your ability to play, please PM mizzy2k with the subject heading CONFIDENTIAL with an explanation of your problems. mizzy2k reserves the right to award points which may have been deducted from you if you miss challenge specifics by a small amount. It will never be a large amount (+/- ~10 words, +/- ~5 pixels, etc.) but mizzy2k reserves the right to award you the points regardless if she believes your disability may have affected your challenge submission. She also reserves the right not to award you points. All decisions will be taken on a case-by-case basis, and mizzy2k's end decision is final.

We may provide you with an alternate challenge in some circumstances but this isn't guaranteed.

You can ask your questions to this post if you have any. All comments are screened.
If you want to go on hiatus, drop mizzy2k a line here.
If you want to host an activity or have an idea for one, write your suggestion here.
If you want to affiliate with this community, write a comment here.

As the mastermind, mizzy2k will remain impartial - from time to time we may participate to help out the losing team if need be but for the most part we will remain impartial. Any points they earn from a challenge will automatically go to the team in last place.

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I came here thanks to a post by telaryn on provideleverage and while it sounds like something I might be interested in, after reading through the rules, I'm still not clear on what exactly a landcomm game entails. Say I applied as a writer, what types of challenges should I expect? Would it be like a 5k fic/week? Would a writer on team Hitter only be writing from Eliot's POV? Are there examples from the last game that I could look at to get a feel for what's involved?


Thanks for your interest!

Leverageland provides a couple of challenges a week. They're a combination of types of challenges - writing, graphics, puzzles, luck - and you're only obliged to try one of the challenges once a fortnight if you so wish.

One thing people cite as their favourite thing about Leverageland, though, is that they get to try things that are out of their comfort zones in a safe community. Our teams are really helpful and members help each other out to learn new things. Your team is your family, a place to make friends and learn new things and to know you have a place to spam or rant or talk about anything (not just the landcomm.)

You're not obliged to only produce Hardison-related things if you end up on Team Hacker, or Eliot-things for Team Hitter. Teams tend to embrace their character as a cheerleader willing them onwards to points.

The place I point most people to as a good example is sectionals, which was the old Glee landcomm and has been left mostly open. If you click on the different challenge tags, you'll get a good idea of the kind of games and challenges we run here.

We very rarely have a challenge where 5k is needed. (Although we throw an occasional Big Bang event where you can write that much for points, but you'd have much more than a week to complete that challenge; also, most of our challenges have minimum requirements, so if a fic prompt does send you to 5k, we're not going to throw you out the game.)

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Addy ♥

Do the challenges allow you to choose how to fill them? I can write but I can't draw or do anything creative like that, will I be able to write for each challenge?

Challenges are usually a mixture of:
Games (puzzles, usually), writing challenges, graphic challenges, team games, luck challenges and mixed-media challenges (where you can write or art or whatever.)

You wouldn't be able to write for every challenge, but there'll be a lot of challenges you can write for. :) The fun part about landcomms is that you can play what you want, disregard the challenges you don't wanna do, but if you want to try one of the art challenges, we're a safe place to try things out, and you can even screen your entry so only I can see it. Most people join Leverageland with only one main skill or like, and at least pick up a new skill along the way! (I learned how to make gifs, which I thought I would NEVER do, because of leverageland. ♥)

SO basically no, you an't choose how to fill ~75% of the challenges. But there'll be plenty of opportunities to write, there's a lot of excellent people in the community to befriend, and if you love Leverage, it's just a great place to be. :)

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