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Lev - Parker
flyingsoftly wrote in leverageland
1. No bashing other team members, actors, characters, etc. Everyone's here to have fun and if you have any complaints just come to one of us or your team mods.
2. You must participate in at least one challenge every week. Everyone's encouraged to participate as much as possible, even if you don't think you can win - participation points are key!
3. Please remember to join both the main comm and your team comm. If you do not, you will not be able to participate!
4. Have fun <3

1. If you want to leave the community, write me or sourpony a PM and another PM to the leader of your team.
2. If you want to change teams, PM me or sourpony and your team leader with the reasons.
3. You can change teams only once, so choose wisely.
4. Most of the challenges require participation from the members and not the team as a whole but there might be some which require exactly that, so be good to your team and they'll be good to you.
5. When you participate in a challenge, don't forget to add your team's name, so we could award you the points. Even if we know what team you're on, that doesn't mean we're going to give you the points because it wouldn't be fair to everyone else.

1. Every challenge/task gives certain amount of points for participation, which will most likely be 10 points.
2. For the winners there are bonus points determined by the difficulty of the challenge.
3. Points are allocated after the challenge/task is over, so don't ask why the points of your team haven't changed if the challenge is still on.

You can ask your questions to this post if you have any. All comments are screened.
If you want to go on hiatus, drop me or sourpony a line here.
If you want to host an activity or have an idea for one, write your suggestion here.
If you want to affiliate with this community, write a comment here.

As the maintainer/creator sourpony and I will remain impartial - from time to time we may participate to help out the losing team if need be but for the most part we will remain impartial.

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(Deleted comment)

Re: I knew I shouldn't have waited so long!!

Hey, sorry it took me so long. ^-^ I've had a show the past week and haven't really had any time to do anything on lj.

We checked to see if there were any other Leverage comms, but we couldn't find any. I don't think it'll be a problem, and I wish you luck with your comm. ^-^

I have a question! Other land comms give out bonus points when people use their sig tag banners when they submit to a challenge. I've not been able to find anything like this here, so I thought I'd ask: Do you do that?

Well, sourpony and I have seen that on other land comms, but didn't feel like it was necessary to do so on our own. It may be something we'll do in the future but for now you're free to use your sig banners whenever you want, you just won't get an extra point.

Okay, that's great, actually. Thank you!

May I please ask what kinds of challenges? I've never participated in a "land" before and I don't want to join a team only to realize I can't complete challenges. Thanks!

Hi there! Sorry for the delay in an answer - I'm the new mod for the comm and I forgot to track this entry! Please accept my apology. ♥

We have lots of types of challenges, so even if you can't do something, there'll be one you can do. We range from puzzles and graphics to writing and luck challenges. A good place to look is the old Glee landcomm - Gleeverse - because they left most of their challenges open at the end, so you can take a peek at the sort of thing you'd be entering.

Also, we have super friendly happy teams who teach each other how to do things they can't. I learned to make gifs and other types of graphics from my team. ♥

Thank you for the answer! :) I'm going to apply.

Yay! \o/ I'm glad you weren't put off by my late answer. ♥

There's a few challenges open at the moment so jump right in, or go and introduce yourself in any post at team_thief (or feel free to make an intro entry into your team comm!) Everyone's super friendly in there. ♥ Team Thief is definitely buzzing at the moment, so I hope you have fun.

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