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Lev - Hardison
flyingsoftly wrote in leverageland

Trying to get a forum up and running, basic fan forum with a focus on fanfic, would love to be linked with this comm :-)


Oh, how neat! Would love to ^-^


Would you like to affiliate with my comm, <lj user="glee_land"?

Of course! (sorry for the late reply!)

Is it possible to affiliate and possibly get a promotion for usaland?

Sure, if you would do us the same favor that would be awesome!

(sorry for the delayed reply!)

Already did bb! (sorry about the late reply, just trying to catch up)

Would you consider affiliating with network_land ?
It is a landcomm based on the shows on four american networks: ABC, CBS, CW and Fox!
If you could pimp or mention it in the comm it would be great since it just opened today

Of course! If you could do us the same favor that would be great :)

Hi, would you like to affiliate with community_land?

OF Course! Like you even had to ask :)

Would you like to affiliate with my new land comm fringeverse?

hungergamesland Shall we?
(It's like deja vu or something...)

Took me a second... Of course!

I know some of the members of caseland are Leverage fans, so it seems like a good idea to affiliate. ;) Wanna?

Dearest, loveliest ElizabethAudi......marksland?

When it say it like that, of course.

I guess we never asked - do you affiliate with other comms besides landcomms?

If so, leverage_bingo would like to partner!

That sounds great! I'll add y'all to the profile now.
(sorry for the delay in replying)

Helloooo! I've started a landcomm over at dreamwidth.

Would you affiliate with [community profile] thefandomzoo?